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We take 3-7 Days To Process Your Order.

Once we have received your order and payment we will process for shipping. Please note that due to our payment gateway restrictions funds only become available or cleared in 48/hours. Items are only shipped once payment has been cleared.

We ship with ePacket.

Most of the products are manufactured in Asia. Many of the suppliers are also based in that location, which is part of the reason why our products are so affordable.

But what’s the point in purchasing a cheap product if you have to pay three times the price and wait weeks for it to ship it to your country?

It used to be the case that small products purchased from Asia had to be shipped through the sea, which meant that delivery could take up to 4+ weeks.

This meant one of two things — either you had to wait longer to receive their product as result of the lengthy shipment date, or you would purchase the product at a higher price from a US based supplier. That would eat into your profit margins.

What Is ePacket delivery?

ePacket delivery is an agreement between the US Postal Service and the Hongkong Post to boost growth in eCommerce. It is also now available in Australia. It allows for faster delivery of lightweight products coming from Asia to the US and other qualifying countries like Australia. Merchants can send small packages weighing up to 2 kg (4.4 lbs).

The value of the package also needs to be less than $400.
This new method of shipping offers a variety of benefits to buyers, like:

  • Door-to-door tracking
  • Postal customs clearance on any duties or taxes paid by the recipient

ePacket shipping also features tracking and delivery confirmation in the US Postal Service network. Tracking codes must be obtained through your supplier, and can be tracked through 

We make use of more than one supplier in different locations to complete your order and therefore your order can arrive in part, or in full via many different packages.