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Bella Rose Sprinkles

Bella Rose Sprinkles

BellaRose Sprinkles are the super fun, super easy and trendiest way to add colour,
shimmer & shine to your sweet confections!
With our trendy, fun and funky colour mixes, decorating is a
baker’s dream!

Our Sprinkle Mixes are a combination of Sugar Nuggets, Nonpareils,
Strands/Jimmies, “Sea Pearls” and Dragees which have been creatively combined
to provide you with a wide variety of colours and themes to choose from.
All individual components of our Sprinkle Mixes are available in a wide variety of

We also offer customised mixes so that you can mix and match to create
your very own unique colour mix!

BellaRose Sprinkles are available in 30g and 125g beautifully packaged bottles as
well as bulk orders.

BellaRose Sprinkles are the fun and easy way to make your
cakes, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, chocolate bark (or pretty
much anything!) party-ready.

WE USE NO ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS AT ALL. That’s right! No eggs, no gelatine,
no nothing that comes from our furry friends.

We use the purest ingredients that may cost a fraction more but at least we have a
conscience and want you to have the confidence in knowing that you are getting the
very best you can.

Lastly, we are committed to customer care so if we disappoint you, please do phone
and shout at us! We promise we will take it on the chin and do a better job if we
make you unhappy in anyway.